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Memorize Your Lines and Try Not To Bump Into the Furniture.

And never let them cough.

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Carrie Leigh
14 January
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I am a wife to a sweet, handsome husband & and mother of sons who are a two man wrecking crew, but totally worth it. I love reading, watching entire seasons of television shows on DVD, coffee (if I could find a way to mainline that or Coke Zero, I would), theatre and discovered the joys of fan fiction in April of 2006. It was all downhill from there. :D

by alittleredhood

I am a trained actress whose career is temporarily in limbo until my boys are a bit older. I'm in my twentieth year as an actress... (good grief, I'm old) and have been in over 50 productions to date. My theatre career doesn't pay the bills; I rely on aforementioned hubby for that. He's more than just arm candy, you know. I teach playwrighting and acting 3 & 4 and the Junior Company at a local community theatre, and am a playwright myself, having written and produced 3 original scripts. I'm a costumer, as well, sewing and making people pretty is a passion. Having a livejournal is a very fun thing, I think.

This was almost my header. Pretty, huh?


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