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It's not all sunshine and rainbows, you know.

 Just in case some of you are laboring under the misconception that nothing bad ever happens in my life, I thought I'd share a little story that happened last Saturday.

So I'm sitting at the computer writing (something Caliga related, no doubt), and notice that it's 5:00.  Nolan is taking a nap, so I stop what I'm doing, get up and very sweetly pat him saying, "We've got an hour 'til Church.  Get up."

He grumbles and wakes up in a generally nasty mood, and starts bitching about how I don't ever want to be late for anything, but being on time to church doesn't matter to me.  

Me.  (thinks) What the hell?  We have an hour!  We live five minutes away! (to Nolan)  I'm sorry.  I thought that would give you enough time to get ready.

Nolan.  You're too busy with other things to focus on what's important.

Me.  (ignores this)

Meanwhile, I get the kids ready, get dressed, and we are ready to go out the door at 5:25.  We all look nice, so I ask:

Me.  Can we take a picture?

Nolan.  You're killing me.

Me.  What?  

Nolan.  Why do you do this when we're late?  

Me.  (getting pissed) We're NOT late.  Church starts in 35 minutes.  We live 3 miles away!

Nolan.  (rolls eyes) Fine. (sits) We'll take the picture.

Me.  ( I can be a bitch, when provoked)   No.

Because at this juncture in the day if would be pointless to take a picture, as I was finding it impossible to smile.  I told him as much, and he lost it.

So we all get in the car (I wonder how many arguments between Christian couples start on the way to Church?  I'd be interested to know.) and he starts in on me.  I try to explain why I thought he was being a fantastic bastard (although I judiciously did not use those words), and he just kept on.  I mean, the man should have been a lawyer, he argues so well.  Finally, he yells loudly... and I start crying.  He slams on the brakes, turns the car around sharply, and I ask:

Me.  What are you doing?

Nolan.  Going home.  I'm not going anywhere like this!

(then, from the backseat - quietly, but firmly, almost overlapping)

Aaron.  We don't treat girls that way, Daddy.

Ethan.  You shouldn't talk to Mommy like that.

And it was as if you could hear Nolan the cogs click in Nolan's brain as he realized what he had done.  He apologized, I cried a little more, he commended the boys for reminding him how he was supposed to act, and then apologized to them for speaking harshly to their mother.  He actually spent the rest of the weekend making it up to me, because he was that big of a pain in the ass.

Now at least we know that some of the values we've been preaching at Ethan and Aaron are starting to stick. 

Kind of the hard way to go about finding out, though. 

I'm SO tired.  I see this same sentiment echoed throughout my f-list, as well.  I'm ready for spring.  This 11 degree morning with spitting snow can suck it, as far as I'm concerned.  Spring?  WHERE ARE YOU?
Tags: drama, horrific adult story, kids

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