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The Game

Thanks so much to all of my f-list!  you guys are awesome.  I've been sitting here at the computer grinning like an idiot for 30 minutes.  

:D<-- Like that.

I'll post about my birthday later this week...  parts of it may take longer than I have at the moment. *grin*

So I'll tell you about this fabulous game that Nolan and I play each and every time we are in his car together.  He has XM radio (which I love and covet, and hope someday to be cool enough to have in my car) and we made up a game called The Great XM Radio Challenge.  Basically, when a song comes on the radio, you guess the title/artist as quickly as you can, before the other person does, and whoever answers correctly get's a point for each right answer.  And it's XM, so you can actually check to see if you're right, unlike regular free radio.  We relegate this game to 70's, 80's, 90's, and Big Tracks, because neither of us are musically cool past that.  

Now, I am quite possibly, outside of an audition, the LEAST competitive person on the planet, yet I spank Nolan like a little girl every time we play.  I mean, he gets his ass handed to him every time, and he just keeps coming back for more.

It's so cute.

I'm pretty good at recognizing bands straightaway, and so is he, but he's unable to fast forward the song in his head to get the title.  This is where I ROCK OUT LOUD.  There's a LOT of pouting that goes on, which you know, I laugh at.  Anyway, if you have XM, play the game.  It's hours and hours of fun.   When I got "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate last week, you should have seen the look on his face.  Priceless.

So I'm walking through the house yesterday and I happen upon my five year-old, lying flat on his back on the kitchen floor, making 'jumping jack' motions with his arms and legs.  I stifle the urge to tell him to "get up right now - God knows what's on that floor" (as I haven't mopped lately *ahem*) and I ask:

Me.  What are you doing?

Aaron.  (as if it is perfectly obvious) Making floor angels.

Me.  Right.  Of course.  Carry on.


I can't decide if it's a commentary by my youngest about how we haven't had enough wintry weather for his liking...  or just a weird little kid? 

I think perhaps a little of both.  *nods*
Tags: birthday, cute husband story, cute kid story, drama

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