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Holy [insert bad words].

 [more swearing]

Katie Bell (my dog) is sick.

I've known since New Year's Eve.  She's been... off.  But yesterday she satrted walking strangely.  Like sideways, with a limp.  And running into things.  Like walls.  Or me.  It looked like she was drunk, frankly.  So I took her to the vet today.  The took blood and they gave her a steroid, and 5 new medicines, and I got her new food, and $240.00 later, she's sleeping here next to me like she always does.  On February fourth, she'll be nine years old.  I get it, she's old, and I should start preparing myself mentally for when she won't be here.  But she's older that Ethan, you know?  She's my first baby.

*waits for the vet to call with test results*

Was it Hagrid that said that people can be stupid about their pets?  Yeah, well, he was right.

Ignore my husband's very obvious bed head. 

And the next time I post, it will not be a meme or whining; I've decided to post "Persephone's Dating Saga" or:  the story of how Carrie got through college and all of the nightmare male projects that she took on, ending with getting very lucky and marrying her husband, but not before she got propositioned by his first fiancee'.  Who was a girl.  

It's a good story.  Stay tuned.
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