Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

The Doctor is IN. (5 cents)

 I was busy having what I've come to call a "Pansy" day; I had a facial at Minka's Garden (very nice spa-thing), went shopping and bought myself two pair of pants (they were under $15 each - Old Navy ROCKS, even if I did have to come home and hem one of them) and a Green Cashmere Sweater that wasn't. (What's with the wide leg pants at Old Navy?  I'm 5'2".  I cannot pull off wide leg pants.  I look ridiculous.)  I'm sure that makes me a bad person, I don't care- it looked fabulous.  I had my nails done by my very sweet Vietnamese manucurist guy, who tries to chat with me, but I can't understand any of it - the only Vietnamese that I know comes from Dad, who was a ground interpreter for the Marine Corps during the War.  I think what I know translates to "Get out of here!" and "Mix packet of soup with water."

I digress.  

I was having a lovely day, doing some heavy thinking (About a caliga_rpg post that's unwritten as of yet, but is supposed to be posted soon), nodding and smiling (well- not scowling, perhaps), generally full of cheer (for me), and I seat myself at the nail dryer-thing (the UV light that you're stuck under for 8 minutes til your polish dries).  And this woman strikes up a conversation.  Which is fine.  (Question:  Do I have a face that says 'please dump all your problems on me?  Or unload heavy, life changing issues here, please?  I'd be interested to know.)  We talked Christmas shopping, pleasantries, are you from here? (Because NO ONE is at Christmas time; every po-dunk town from 200 miles around comes HERE to shop at Christmastime because we're stranded in the middle of a Godforsaken desert but THAT's a rant for another day.)  Anyway, in the 8 minutes I was under the dryer, she managed to tell me that she was in town for a funeral, a 15 year-old boy (Her best friend's son) had committed suicide.  She started crying, I got chillbumps and teary (SO not me), very nearly lost it completely, but somehow managed to say something vaguely encouraging to her.  She thanks me, tells me that she feels better having got all that out, and that she'll be stronger at the funeral now, gets up and leaves, and I'm left with the knowledge that we are put here, in the situations that we go in and out of every day for a purpose. I am so very grateful for my husband, my family, for their health, for my friends, (rl and online) my life, and I ought to thank God a whole lot more than I do for the blessings I have.

All because I'm shallow and vain, and missed my earlier nail appointment because I was trying on freakin' wide leg pants.  *nods*  It's all in the plan, y'all.
Tags: caliga, drama, shopping

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