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The Twelve Months of Livejournal

 So...  I saw people do this last year, and it looked interesting.

Instructions:  Go through your LJ history and copy the first sentence from the first post of each month.  

It's kind of like a year in review.  I had forgotten completely about some things, and smiled reading others.So even if you don't post it, it's certainly a cool exercise...

January - Pretty much all I did over the Holidays was watch movies...  so here are some good ones, and one stinker! 
February -  I do not even know where to begin. (This one was interesting.)
March - We had the first rehearsal for The Lonesome West last night.
April  - One thing I've learned from FIA closing, is that I spend FAR too much time on the forums and reading D/G. (Oh, dear.)
May - First of all...  I woke up today to NO COFFEE.
June - I've been out of town for nearly a week; (did anyone miss me?) we went to San Antonio on business/pleasure.  
July - I've wanted to do this for ages...  a cooking blog post! (I grew to like these.)
August - Crap news:  So I didn't get a role in Into the Woods.
September - Labor Day has been lovely.
October - So I am that type of control freak that begins thinking about Christmas when the Halloween decorations come out.
November -  I give you a list of products that I swear by, that make me happy, and that I use on a weekly, if not daily basis.  
December - I' ve been so productive the last few days, it's unbelievable.

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