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Sometimes, being a mother is...

Freaking disgusting.

There are just certain things that you SHOULD NOT have to say.  Like:

"Don't lick your shoe."

"Please don't try to scale the walls.  Spiderman is pretend, and you're leaving shoe marks on the paint."

" You cannot eat brown sugar from the bag for a snack."

"No, you can't go out in the snow in just your underwear and boots.  You'll have to wear clothes."

But today was the kicker.  Aaron was playing Green Lantern, which, you know, I'm all for.  He asked to borrow my High School Class ring, which has a green stone in it.  I said, "Not right now."

THEN, he got quiet for a few minutes, which is NEVER a good sign, and I found him standing in front of my jewelry armoire, looking at my orbis ring. Which is a really pretty ring, with different colored interchangeable orbs you can put in, to match your outfit or whatever.

He panicked when he looked at me and began making noises like he was blowing his nose.  HOWEVER, there was no kleenex in sight.  

Ew.  Ew, ew, ew, ewwwwwwww.

Long story short, he had shoved one of those little orbs up his nose.

No, we will not be making a trip to the emergency room, but I'm going to have to sanitize the velvet lining of the jewelry box, and take a bunch of my earrings in to have the snot removed from them.  


Now I'll have to add, "Don't shove Mommy's jewelry up your nose, please," to my list.
Tags: drama, horrific kid story, kids

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