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Cookie Baking Time

The frickin' coffeepot bit it today.  *sigh*  And you thought I was an alarmist.  Huh uh.  Everything with a plug, baby.  Everything with a plug. 
Anyone have a brand of coffeepot that they adore?  We've been through about four in the last two years.

The Cookie Press Cookie recipe:  It is not for the faint of heart.

1 cake mix, whatever flavor you'd like
2 3/4 c flour
4 sticks of butter - omg.

Melt butter.  Mix with dry ingredients.  Stick in the gun.  Good times.

Nolan teaching Aaron the proper consistency of decorator icing...

Aaron poses.  For everything.

This is about a quarter of them all.  Ethan's working hard in the background.

My kitchen is Limoges blue, so I made a blue toile stippled wreath.  I have a low threshold for happiness, I do.

The queen of the kitchen with her high quality icing bag.  (It's a ziploc.)

Ethan with the cookie press.  Favorite line of the evening:  "Hey, Mom!  The cookie gun needs more batter bullets!"

Me and a few of my theatre threes
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