Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I'm back!

 ....Back among the number of people who can navigate quickly between windows. (And by quickly, I mean 2 seconds instead of 6 minutes!  Really!  seegrim was sweet to brave a LOT of Google Chat to scene with me.  I appreciate it, I do. :)  Anyway, thank GOD.  Seriously.  It's perfect.  Everything is right where it's supposed to be.  Pictures, music, everything.

*relieved sigh*

I'm officially done Christmas shopping.  And if I'm not, it's not getting bought.  (She said, with Christmas cheer oozing from every pore on her body.)

I have a board meeting this afternoon.  Blech.  I'd rather just help the kids, not hear where all the money goes to.  And then my last acting class of the semester!  YAY!  

So Aaron, the Kindergartener, is learning to read and write, and he's constantly asking me how to spell things.  We're all sitting in the living room the other day, and Aaron says:

Aaron.  I'm going to write a sentence!

Carrie.  Okay, you go nuts, kiddo.

Aaron.  I need your help to spell the words, okay?

Carrie.  Hit me.  I'm ready.

Aaron.  "May"

Carrie.  M...A...Y.

Aaron.  No, Mom.  In French.

Carrie.  (thinks)  What the hell?  Who is this kid?  Where did he come from?

And so the 5 year-old had to discover that his Mum doesn't  know everything.  I know how to ask for the ticket at a resaturant, and how to say my name.  Ah, well.  He had to learn sometime, right?

And I got cards from both mugglechumpand 60sfreakyesterday!  (Both of you ladies have lovely handwriting, by the way...)
Tags: christmas, computer, cute kid story, gifts, mission 2540, teaching

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