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The Show

I had a fabulous rehearsal last night.  I've never been in a more SOLID play that Steel Magnolias.  Sunday starts hell week and we are sooooo far ahead of the game.  No one needs lines, everybody's characters are growing and blocking isn't giving anyone problems.  Even the hair-fixing onstage  is going beautifully.  Treva gave me a pretty up-do last night.  In fact, it's still really curly this morning.  I thought Jeff was going to overflow a little last night he was so happy with how everything went.  We even blocked the curtain call last night.  The show doesn't even open for a week, and we blocked the curtain call.  Unheard of.  We throw in lights and sound on Sunday, costumes and wigs on Tuesday, and open for an audience on Thursday.  I sat out front and watched Act 2 scene2 last night with the AD and I cried.  Again.  Cindi just tears it up.  Bring your kleenex, folks.  I brought my Act 2 wig home to try to get it to work...  trying to get all my hair underneath that very short wig is going to be a trick, that's for sure.  

Nolan is going to visit a friend for the weekend.  He'll be back Sunday morning, so it'll just be me and the kids this weekend.  That's stressfull and relaxing at the same time.  I never sleep well when he isn't home, but then again, I don't feel pressure to cook, either.  He'll spend the weekend in Dallas, going out to eat and to see the Rangers play, and I'll be well, honestly, I don't know what I'll do.  Read fic, shop online, work on the book, actually GO to the mall...  maybe I'll find a sitter for an afternoon and go get a pedi and manicure.  Hmm...  this is sounding better and better...


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