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If you're going to do it, do it RIGHT.

 So I've been thinking about hugs.

What's up with the half hearted, one armed hugs going around?  I got one of those at church Saturday and I had to work hard to not blanch.  Do I need a fake hug?  No I do not.  If you aren't going to expend the energy to hug me properly, then no, thank you.  You keep that faux affection to yourself.  A hug is both arms wrapped around a person, and involves squeezing.  I don't dole out the cyber hugs like candy, either, so if you've ever received one from me, you know it was sincere.

I'm evidently not a terribly affectionate person, I guess.  Compared to my little sister, who you practically have to sit on to hug, I think I'm a fuzzy teddy bear.    But when I was talking to Nolan yesterday, this conversation took place.
Carrie.  What?  I'm sweet.

Nolan.  (laughs)  Okay.

Carrie.  What do you mean by that?

Nolan.  My love, you are a LOT of things, but I wouldn't put you in the category of 'sweet.'
So I choose to find this freeing instead of anything more detrimental to my general fabulousness.  And If you are going to hug me, I expect both arms, and to not be able to breathe for a second or two.  Expect that back, too.  Just so you know.

So I've been watching the third season of Veronica Mars, and Nolan has been grumbling, likening it to a bad soap opera, and I keep blowing him off, ignoring the growls, because the alternative is war movies. (Sorry jandjsalmonand lyndsiefenele, I can't get into em.)  This has been going on for a couple of weeks. (Longer than that, actually, because I watched a marathon of the first and second seasons in October.) Every time a new DVD arrives from Netflix, I get a new rash of crap about how it's a complete waste of time.  Until, dear reader, we were outside doing yard work yesterday.

Nolan.  (raking leaves, then , out of NOWHERE)  So Logan dated Lily?

Carrie.  (is shocked, silent for a moment)  Yes.

Nolan.  And then Lily died?  Logan's Dad killed her?

Carrie.  (doesn't make any sudden movements that might startle the hubs)  Yes.

Nolan.  But Veronica and Lily were best friends?   Who did Veronica go out with?

Carrie.  (dancing on the inside)  Duncan Kane.

Nolan.  And what happened to him?  

Carrie.  He got a girl pregnant and when she died in childbirth, he stole the baby and is living in Mexico.
And that's where I lost him again.  He rolled his eyes and went back to raking, but I know he likes VM, secretly.  How can you NOT like that little Pixie detective?  (I do look at her now and think, "Hannah!"  though.)  Plus, Dick Casablancas wins forever.  I want to run him over with the car, but I LOVE him just the same.  :)

For the last five days, while I've been sceneing with camperX2000, jandjsalmonand seegrim, I have constructed four pair of pants, one vest, and am currently working on an oversized coat that is supposed to fit two grown men.  Do I have a pattern for it?  Heck, no.  Do I think it'll work?  In the immortal words of Max, "It'll be a miracle."  Wish me luck.  I go fit all the ungrateful divas later tonight.

To mugglechumpMarrying Pansy Parkinson?  Erm... I'm thinking about it, does that count?  Thanks for asking!
Tags: caliga, costumes, cute husband story, drama, fan fiction, hugs, veronica mars

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