Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

*sings* Oh, what a beautiful mornin'...

Gag.  The next show the theatre is doing is Oklahoma.  But that isn't why I'm posting.  

But since I did, quick joke:

**Q.  Why doesn't Texas fall into the gulf of Mexico?

**A.  Because Oklahoma sucks.

Perhaps you have to be a native Texan to think that's amusing.  Sorry to all Oklahomans.
Oklahoma is a lovely state, I just cannot stand that musical.  Theatre cheese at it's worst.  It'll sell like gangbusters around here, though.  What the box office calls AIS.  (*sses in seats)

But I digress...  The reason for my post is that I am sitting before a very NEW fancy-schmancy never-been-used-before dell PC.  It's even got that "new computer smell."  Now I can work on my book in earnest, and quit hand writing things in a spiral notebook.  And maybe I'll post the fan fiction that I've been secretly writing for 2 months that has filled up and entire composition book.  I feel guilty about it, because it's taking time away from my novel, but at the same time, it's very freeing,  Creativity for creativity's sake and not a whole lot of pressure.  

In any case I can do ALL KINDS of new things because I'm not working on the ghetto laptop from hell anymore.  *grins happily* 

*waves to dragonsangel68.*  So pleased you added me as a friend.  I love your stories!

Have a lovely Thursday, all!

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