Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Pay no attention to the cranky girl behind the curtain.

May I bitch for a moment?

Hubs got back without new head for the wall or freezer full of steaks, and for that I am thankful.  What I'm not thankful for is the fact that he dumped all his dirty laundry next to the washer and left it.  I stared at it loathingly for two days then washed it.  Not with a joyful heart.

My youngest got strep and passed it on to me, as I get it whenever anyone in a ten foot radius has been exposed.  Bastard viruses.  Or whatever they are.

Had to go to a kid party on Saturday.  Words aren't enough to express how much I can't stand these.

Thursday is Thanksgiving dinner at the kids' school.  I hate these a skosh less.  Maybe me being sick *cough* will get me out of it.

Hubs informed me that our house payment will go up 250% for the new house.  *gulp*  I'm sorry, I know I have a liberal arts degree, but WOWZA.  I hope we don't end up with a pretty house and no money to buy food.

Does anyone ever get poster's remorse?  You post something and then...  you just want to delete it IMMEDIATELY, for fear it's offensive, or not good enough, or makes you a liitle sick?  I may be just being dramatic.  It's an occupational hazard.

My playwrighting class *GLARES AT STUDENTS* is way, way behind.  We have seriously got to get it in gear, or the Spring semester will NOT go as planned.  I like plans.  I like it when they go my way.  As it stands now, they are most definitely NOT going my way.

I agreed to do costumes for A Christmas Carol.  You know, it's simple.  "NO."  That's all I had to say, and yet, I'll be up sewing til 3 a.m. soon.  *sigh*

The holidays are coming.  THAT always makes me want to go hide in a cave for two months.  

And a short cute kid story:


Aaron.  Mommy?  Where's my sword?

Carrie.  The last time I saw it it was in the laundry room.

Aaron.  On the wetter?

Carrie.  The what, now?

Aaron.  The wetter.  It's next to the dryer.

Carrie.  The washer?

Aaron. (unconcerned) Yeah.


My heavens, I love that kid.

Have you heard that song down there?  I know it's a GAP ad, but I LOVE it! 

Tags: bitchiness, cute kid story, disgust for children's birthday parties, house, rant, teaching, theatre

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