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Suck it up, Persephone.

 Tired of feeling moody and cranky and generally recalcitrant?

Try Carrie's sure-fire "Make You Feel Better" Trifecta:

1.  Pedicure/Manicure - what's not to love about pretty feet?  Seriously, these are worth the cash.  Skip lunch, and go have one.  You will not regret it.

2.  A Diet Coke (or your soda of choice) from Sonic Drive In.  Crunching the ice is therapeutic.  And, if it's not to weird for you, you can pretend that it's the bones of all the people that piss you off.  (Oh, my.  My dark side is showing.  Sorry, Mother.)  And if you don't have a Sonic near you, I am terribly sorry.  The ice is really first rate.

3.  Retail Therapy - I bought myself some nail polish, a candle, a new shower curtain and a tablecloth.  Good times.

I also did a little writing with

seegrim, that always cheers me considerably, I wrote some more of Chapter 5 of Marrying Pansy Parkinson, and sent the first package for this meme.  goddessvicky should get her box of goodies on Halloween!  Yay.

And happy birthday wishes to ladyendymion.  I hope everything is well for you and your family, and that your birthday is fabulous!
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