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Extreme Narcissism ahead.  Just skip it if that bothers you.  :)

So, my post the other day got me thinking...  Just how many head shots do I have?  Do I really need to get another?  Does doing commercial work in this burgh really demand it?  They're expensive, but I've lost about 15 lbs. since the last one was taken...  and some of these really suck.  I thought I'd post and see what the f-list has to say.

1994?  Can you see why I married him?  AND he has a great sense of humor.  I totally lucked out.  This is Nolan's head shot that he had done right before he decided that being an actor wasn't going to pay all the bills.  He decided to become an Electrical Contractor, and solve the world's electrical-type problems.  He's very good at it.  But he has the same degree that I do:  A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts.  When he gets all high and mighty, I'm fond of reminding him of that.  (Oh, and he did go through four more years of apprenticeship in the electrical trades, so it's not like he's "acting" like and electrician.)   He's too pretty for a hard hat and tool belt, in my opinion.  *smirk*  Or maybe not...

1.  This was taken in 2002, For Brighton Beach Memoirs, where I played Blanche.  Best theatrical experience of my LIFE, worst hair day EVER.  Seriously, could the photographer have NOT said, "You have a squirrel living in the side of your head, would you like to remove it before I take the picture?"

2.  2003.  This was taken before The Importance of Being Earnest, where I was Gwendolyn.  It's not a good expression for me.  The smile doesn't reach the eyes.  My mouth says happy, but my eyes say, "Kill me now."  And what's up with the wisps?  Did I think that looked GOOD?

3.  2003.  Taken before I played Elvira in Blithe Spirit.  Full body makeup.  (I was a ghost)  I still get that shudder of revulsion every time I remember it.  Get a haircut.  And don't put WHITE next to your FACE for a back and white photo, Carrie Leigh.

4.  2004.  For The Fantasticks (Bell - if you know the show, we did mothers instead of fathers).  The one musical where I didn't stand next to Cara Kee and just mouth the words.  Clearly the happiest I look in all of these.  I wish I hadn't put my hair up.

5.  2005 - Jesus Christ Superstar - chorus.  (I was a chorus girl! Sadly, it's not very glamourous.)  Yeah, there was a lot of mouthing the words on this show and not a lot of singing.  Tra lala.  I don't hate it the picture.  And it's fairly close to what my hair looks like now.  But that stunned look is back,  I know the flash is coming...  I know it, and yet I get the "AH!" every time.

6.  2006.  Shelby in Steel Magnolias.  Who TOOK this picture?  Did they use a flash?  Is that blob my hair or is something furry trying to eat my shoulder?  And would it have KILLED me to use some cover girl powder in translucent light to take care of the SHINE coming off of my forehead?  Geez.

7.  2007.  Gwendolyn in The Odd Couple.  What does this girl keep in her cheeks?  It looks like I'm storing nuts for the winter.  And that I'd lost my hairbrush that day.  Haircut, Carrie, haircut.  They are GOOD things.

So you can see why I was all nostalgic for this one:


So can I salvage one of these?  Or should I shell out the cash and get another?

Okay.  Enough.  No more ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME! posts.

Oh, who am I kidding?    But I'll try to at least be a little more concerned about the world outside of my little cocoon, how's that?
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