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The Pumpkins

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday for the yearly fall photo shoot.  The way these kids pose, I should pimp them out for the JC Penney catalog, or something.  What hams. 

They look thrilled, don't they?

They're such GUYS.  And Ethan has his patented mini-Malfoy face on.

That's better.  JcPenney catalog smiles, everyone, smiles!

Aaron and his converse tennis shoes.  I may have to throw them away one day.  I don't think outgrowing them will make a difference.

Aw, Brotherly love!  Lasted all of about 2 seconds.

Sweet Aaron.  He's 5.

Ethan.  I cannot believe my baby is 7.

I wish Google Docs would quit being a punk.  I need it for more than just extra-curricular obsessions activities...  my playwrighting class' work to date is on there, too.  Google has til 4:30 to fix it's crap.  *taps foot impatiently*
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