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Cute Kid Story x 2

One of my favorite things is listening to the conversations that happen in the backseat of my car between my 5 & 7 year-old boys.  On AJ's "Nursery Rhyme Day", wherein he performed a stirring rendition of Jack and Jill, with AJ in the role of Jack, they had this discussion:
Ethan.  How was your show?  (Can I say how much I love that E calls it a 'show'?  He's a theatre rat!)

Aaron.  Good.

Ethan.  Did you mess up?

Aaron.  (Indignant)  No.

Ethan.  Did you somersault down the hill?

Aaron.  (scowls)  I was Jack, not Jill.  Jack doesn't tumble.

Ethan.  Did you break your crown?

Aaron.  (looks at Ethan is if her were a martian)  No, that would have hurt.

Ethan.  A good actor would have broken his crown.  Mommy says theatre hurts sometimes.

Aaron.  (glares at Ethan and looks out the window)

I kind of expected Ethan to launch off into Sanford Meisner's theory of acting, or talk about committing to a role.  And I did say that theatre hurts, when I was talking to my theatre 4's about affective memory excersizes...  I just didn't know he was listening.  And now I know that Aaron is not a method actor. :)

Aaron doesn't really like going to the theatre all that much when I teach playwrighting.  There's nothing to do.  Out of the blue the other day, this conversation took place.

Aaron.  Mom?  Are we going to the theatre today?

Me.  Yes.

Aaron.  I wish you could have another job.

Me.  Oh?  Where would you rather that I work?

Aaron.  Chuck E Cheese.

I'm glad Aaron isn't in charge of the world, is all I have to say.

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