Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I'm all about nature...

Attention.  We've a new addition to THE LIST:

1.  Dolphins
2.  Squirrels
3.  Bunnies
4.  Grasshoppers

So I am in my Suburban, leading my mother, who is in her car, out of the twisty-turny roads that lead to our cabin, because I didn't want her to get lost and frustrated and all Blair Witch Project at the end of our visit with us.  I'm communing with nature, I saw a roadrunner (but no coyote, Damn!  And thank God, when I think about it for a sec.) looking fondly out at the tiny shoots of winter wheat that are peeking out of the red dirt, and I'm thinking, "Wow.  This is really close to being a rancher or farmer ('s wife).  (Anyone who knows me at all knows how ridiculous this is.  I'm a city girl.  CITY.  Dallas.  Used to go clubbing every weekend.  Was a close personal friend to Crown Royal and Coke.  I think the closest I ever came to wildlife was the petting zoo that was in the park down the street from our house growing up.)

But I digress.

I'm looking at all the beauty; the rolling hills of crops, the covey of quail with their majestic little plumes on their heads, the wheat and cotton, the picturesque windmills, the smell of sage, the morning sun casting its rosy glow all over everything, and I'm feeling perhaps, more at nature than I ever have before. 

I rolled down the windows of the truck, and smiled as Katie stuck her head out, mouth open, ears flapping, and tried to eat the wind.  A deer hopped in front of the car about a hundred yards in front of me. (not kidding)  The birds were singing.  Nature was my friend.  

At this point, at the very pinnacle of my oneness with nature, a grasshopper jumped in through the open window of the moving vehicle, and into my lap.

I am a girl, and of course shreiked loudly, marring the stillness and quiet beauty of the morning, and slammed on the breaks, praying fervently that Mom was paying attention and wouldn't rear-end me.  The grasshopper, whose creepiness is surpassed only by the Praying Mantis, didn't care for trying to be put out like a fire by a hysterical girl, and hopped onto the dashboard, looking at me like, "What the hell, lady?"  He'd unknowingly landed on hub's day planner, so I grabbed the book and shook him out the window.

Then I rolled the windows up.  

Fricking nature.

Not THE grasshopper but another one much like him.

They're frickin' HUGE.

Also, with the plague of grasshopper (does there have to be more than one to technically be a plague?  I think that plague must be in the eye of the beholder) There were a bajillion stickers.  No, this is not hyperbole, I counted.  A bajillion. I hate the sticker bush.  Sticker bush is a bastard.  You only need go within 3 yards on one of these and they're everywhere, stuck in your shoes and the hem of your jeans.

And Hubs killed 456,871 yellow jackets, who were slowly but surely trying to take our cabin over for themselves.  The boys and hubs also fished, even though I am a vegetarian, hubs' throat closes up when he eats fish, and the boys wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.  There must be something in the male genetic makeup that says, "Must.. kill... wildlife.  Must.  Can't... avoid!)  Nah, they catch and release, which still boggles my mind, come to think of it.

I really took this picture.  I'm not sure who was more scared, Bambi or me.

And a lizard, which I zoomed in on, but didn't go near...

So that's my weekend with nature.  My heavens am I glad to be home.

Tags: cabin, drama, pictures, vacation

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