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The 70's... pigtails, the knee socks...

 I posted these on the "What did we look like as children" thread at the FIA Classics Library, where I am a librarian.  *adjusts glasses and bun*

I think they're funny.  Not necessarily funny "ha ha", though.  More like, "Aw, that poor kid..."

I would guess that I'm about 5 years old here.

Yes, the seventies.  Note the brown knee socks, the peach polyester skirt (That I'm fairly certain my mother made), and the roller skates.  I don't know what kind of car that is, but I remember my Dad singing "The Old Grey Mare, She Ain't What She Used To be...." when we'd get in it. The driveway that I'm standing on was at the top of a fairly steep hill that I would no more attempt to skate down now than fly a plane.

I'm guessing I was about two years old here, perhaps sucking on some candy?  I hope that my face didn't look like that all the time.  If you're interested, my hair is every bit as straight now as it was then.  I have grown into my ears a bit.  And yes, that is a Raggedy Ann t-shirt I was wearing.  I was old school.  Literally.  I think that's when school began.

Mom, any enlightenment on the ages or the details?

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