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theatre, babysitters and sick husbands...

Oh, my!

The set for Steel Magnolias is coming along...  it's crazy that people (actresses) will have to do each other's hair ON STAGE.  I just get mine put into an up do, but other women actually get theirs washed and rolled up AND have to sit under dryers.  It's a good thing we had a complete run-thru on Thursday that just rocked.  We have two more weeks before there's an audience...  Plenty of time to work out the logistics and grow as characters.  *does a happy little dance*  I luuuurve being in a good show.  Well, I love being in a bad show, but it is certainly more enjoyable when I know it will get good reviews.  I spent the morning taping off a wall for someone else to paint.  two inch two-toned green stripes.  Nightmare, honestly.  I had to re-do several times as it looked like the taper was drunk as doing job.  *ahem*  I had NOT had any wine before I went to the theatre at 9:30 a.m.  Not that I'm above that...  just more likely in the p.m.

Incedentally...  new favorite wine is Bella Sera, white or red...  matters not.  Had it at Mom's back in June.  Lovely.  Yum.  in fact, have some chilling in fridge.  *eyes dart around*  how late do you have to wait before having wine on the average Saturday?

I, of course, cleaned for the babysitter that came today..  It's a compulsion of mine... a sickness... No 18 year old cares what my house looks like...  I'm looking for a support group...  anyhow!  I came back early because my sweet husband is ill, and I wanted to make sure that he was taken care of, and my living room looked like it had been picked up, shaken vigorously, and put back down.  I was NOT amused.  She's desperate for money, though.  And the boys like her, so I'm going to keep using her.  And she has her own car.  All fabulous things in a sitter.  One must take what one can get.

Why is it, that when men are sick, they can no longer function properly?  My husband is NOT a whiner, in any sense on the word, but a case of the sniffles (and yes, I'm pretty sure that's all it is) has him bedridden.  I won't compare men in sickness with women in sickness, it's cliche and done to death.  But you all know its true.  A woman could still go to the grocery store and pick up the dry cleaning and cook dinner even if one of her arms had been hacked off by rogue farm equipment.  *sniffs derisively*  It may be cliche...  but true nonetheless.   Nolan is sick..  we're not going to church tonight, Ans my little Aaron is beside me taking a nap.  They look so angelic when they're asleep.  It's a scam, though.  I know they're not.  He's storing up energy to make me crazy later.
Dinner with friends was lovely last night.  Pot roast, carrots, potatoes gravy, sourdough rolls, cobb salad, fruit, and chocolate dipped strawberries and pound cake with whipped cream.  Soooooo good.  Well, I assume the roast was, I didn't eat any.  If Nolan had felt better, it would have been more fun.  The kids all had a great time.  I love entertaining.  I wish I had a bigger kitchen /dining room to do it in.  Ah, well...  it's cozy, right?

Love to all...

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