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 So, I'm having one of those one in a million days, where I'm riddled with self doubt and insecurity.  What the HELL?  Guh.  I HATE me on these days.  I get all moody and aware of all of my flaws -physical and emotional- and spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about them.  GRRR.  Truly.  I need some good news.  Anyone have any they'd like to share?

Also, just spent a few moments with the skeezy dishwasher repair man (Hey, the dishwasher's fixed!  That's good news!) being uncomfortable while he made quasi-inappropriate comments directed towards my outfit (running shorts and my softball jersey t-shirt.) I know, some of you are thinking, Carrie?  Softball?  Surely you jest!  But it was only for one season, and it was my husband's company's team, so I kind of didn't have a choice. I breifly contemplated letting Katie the Wonder Dog in to rip him limb from limb, but I held myself in check.  But he was *holds fingers up* this close, man.  I swear.  

Aaaaand a very happy birthday to armymom08!  I hope that you get cake and presents, and everything else that your heart desires today!

It's also my hubby's birthday today, and he liked 4 of the 8 shirts I bought, and 1 of the 2 DVD sets I got him.  50%.  That's better than ever before, but I'd still have to say, "No, die_loreley, it doesn't get any easier to buy gifts."  He did like the chocolate, though.  Who says no to chocolate?  Well, except for me.  Anyway.  Carry on, everyone.
Tags: birthday, drama, hubby, katie

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