Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Life happens while you're spray painting stuff.

 What have I been doing lately, you may ask?  When I haven't been ranting about dolphins, that is.  

I am the props mistress for Into The Woods.  I did NOT have fun propping either Lonesome West or Oklahoma, so "WHY?" you may ask.  The artistic director of the theatre has some kind of weird hold over me that prevents me from saying the word, "no" in his presence.  (Like that episode of Supernatural, season 2 where Dean gives that freak guy the Impala!  WTC?) So I've been velcroing bread to cookie sheets and spray painting foam balls to go on the top of a staff, making dirty rags (you wouldn't think this would be time consuming, yet, it is), shopping all over the damn place for a black lace fan and a fake ear of corn.  Good times.

Also, because I am a glutton for punishment, I made a costume for a friend.  (Hey, she found me the ear of corn.)

It's Little Red Riding Hood's granny's gown.  Picture it with a nightcap & shawl.  I think it's prett good, personally.

I spent the morning making banana nut bread for the school bake sale (not a very 'me' thing to do, but hey, ya gotta switch it up every once in awhile). My classes have started, and I'm very pleased with the students that have turned up.  Playwriting will, of course, be great.  We have some new blood there, too.  Acting III is fun (7th thru 9th grade - they have no shame, it's fabulous), and Acting IV is small, but talented and enthusiastic.

I should be back to normal life tomorrow; writing (MPP 3 is at the beta's!), trying to pick out things for the new house (stressful), conquering my second-grader's homework, cursing the Accelerated reader program, betaing sue_bridehead's new chapter...  you know, the usual.

Hey numbaby, I'm halfway through Supernatural season 2 (waiting for disc 3 from Netflix) and that clown episode CREEPED me out.  Seriously.  And I'm NOT okay with what happened in the first episode.  NOT okay at all.
Tags: pictures, supernatural, teaching, theatre, writing

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