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Okay...  to address the paranoia...

No one will read this.  I have never used my last name on this thing and none of my rl friends know about Persephone.  The only people other than Mom & Em that read this would be from my reviews of stories I've read on the net and I can't possibly imagine that they'd be interested.  This is for me and my own personal venting...  kind of an overflow of creativity from the book, as well as a categorization of thoughts.  I will tag the ones that are MORE personal as private from now on so that I'm the only one that can read them.  Everyone feel better?

I am aware that Aaron is a difficult child.  He is also very sweet and tender, and doesn't respond well to people that are not genuine.  I pray for him (& E) daily, and try to be the best parent that I can be.  It's all I can do.  Sometimes, as a parent, you fail miserably, and just have faith that the seeds that you have planted will grow to fruition in a happy, well adjusted adult.  

Friends are coming over for dinner tonight.  I have a pot roast in the crock pot, and the smell is mouthwatering.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of my bad mood.  Faintly, but it's there.  

I'm still refraining from meat, bread and sweets, but have settled in nicely to vegetarianism.  I wouldn't EVER miss meat..  well maybe cheeseburgers.  I do love a good cheeseburger.  *uses mouse as microphone*I like mine with lettuce and tomato..  heinz 57 and french fried potatoes...  big kosher picke and a cold draft beer....   *puts mouse down and smirks*...  maybe not a beer.  ewwww.

I might be in a better mood.

However, in the course of this post, I've cried buckets talking to Nolan about Aaron.  I'm a mother bear.  I just want to protect him.  I consider myself a trusting person, but I don't have a lot of trust for other people when it cmes to my sons.  I HATE hearing disparaging remarks about them.  I won't have it.  And I won't toerate people who do.

I'll get you, my pretty....  and your little dog, too.

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