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Does the tomato juice in my bloody mary count as a serving of vegetables ?

Labor Day has been lovely.  The children had school (weird) so Nolan and I spent the day together at home.  It was so nice.  I got back from Santa Fe last night, and the trip was fantastic.  It actually rained the night of the concert, and as it was in the Santa Fe Opera house, a kind of open air theatre, Bernadette got rained on!  The wind was blowing, it must've been miserable to sing in, but she was great!  She sang "Fever" and it's my new favorite song, I think.  Meeting celebrities is a bit surreal, but we had a great time.  Pictures below, you know.

Me & my sweet friend Jeffrey, the biggest Bernadette Peters fan EVER.

Bernadette, Jeff, Me & Cara

Santa Fe

Why I had to go to Santa Fe to see a prarie dog, I dunno.  This one was a sentry.  He was very conscientious.  And cute.

Me & Bernadette freaking Peters.  How cool is that?  I was wearing heels, but If I'd been in flats, I think she'd have still been shorter than me!

It's always so great to come home, though.  Amarillo has the greatest sunsets.  Hollywood comes here to film them, you know.

I also bought an antique tray, an antique stained glass window, a red corduroy peacoat (that is FABULOUS, seriously) and at the fair on the square, I bought a sweet little yellow vase with the lyrics to "Here Comes the Sun"  written on it.  Bargains, all.  A really, really, great trip.   To finish the weekend off spending it with my sweet little family is the best part, I think.
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