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Parentage Confirmed

The first time anyone ever sees my two boys, the ask, "Oh, are they twins?"

I always reply, "No, they're 22 months apart." (Not recommended.  We're that 3% on the condom box that no one talks about.  For both instances.)

Then, when they see my husband with the boys, they say, "Wow!  They look just like him!" or "Couple of chips off the old block!" or similar.

They do look extraordinarily like him.  No one has ever said,  "They look just like you!"  My joke has always been that I was an incubator for Nolan's clones.  Ha.  Ha.  

But today, as my five year old came in to have his hair combed, he was looking at the newspaper.  He doesn't read yet, other than names he recognizes, and since the Globe News surely didn't have 'Aaron Carrie Ethan Nolan Aaron Carrie Ethan Nolan' on a continuous loop, I asked him what he was reading.  He handed me the paper.

It was a circular for shoes.

He was looking at the shoes!

He's definitely mine!

He was looking at the sports shoes (What do you call those?  Tennis shoes, Sneakers, Nike, Avia, etc.), but I think I'll keep him away from musical theatre for a few years, just in case.  ;)

I'm off to Santa Fe, NM this weekend to see Bernadette Peters!  AAHAHAHAHAHAYAY!
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