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The Many Faces of Persephone

So I was recording the podcast earlier today and Ethan asked very politely if he could stay and listen.  

After checking the content, I said, "For a while."

Then he grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.  I really hate to stop Audacity, it's a nightmare to cut and paste (I always screw it up) so I let him.  The result was interesting.  Just how many different faces can I make?

Reading the exposition...

Nice.  Pucker up.

I'm pretty sure this is the "Ginny" face.

And this would be "Draco"?

Or maybe this.

Fred & George, definitely.

My impressions are these:

1.  I need bangs.  This week.  No more forehead wringles, cause like, ugh.
2.  The seven year-old is a decent photographer, I guess.
3.  Must wear more sunscreen.  My chest is an unattractive shade of red.
4.  I'm firing the maid.  Leaving piles of stuff lying about as well as the ironing board in the bedroom is just inexcusable.  Lazy girl.  Tsk.
5.  I need my roots done.  When I get the bangs.  I think I have an appointment Thursday.

Eventually, he got bored and left.  I can only hope you people don't do that.  ;)
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