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Cute Kid Story

So I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning; it involved a bucket, rubber gloves, and me on my hands and knees.
(Our play today takes place in the master bedroom, wherein Carrie is scrubbing the funk off of the baseboards.  Aaron enters left.)

Aaron.  (Pulls a face)  What're you doing?

Me.  (indignant that he doesn't recognize the act of removing dirt from random surfaces)  I'm cleaning, A.J.

Aaron.  It smells weird.

Me.  (mildly corrects the child) It smells clean.

Aaron.  Well, clean smells weird. (Aaron exits left, to find a part of the house where dirt reigns supreme.  It will be a short walk.)

I don't know whether I should be embarrassed that he doesn't know what the house is supposed to smell like when it's clean, or fall back on the hope that perhaps he just doesn't like the aroma of Murphy's Oil Soap.  Oh, who am I kidding!  Everyone likes the smell of Murphy Oil.  Am a horrible, horrible housekeeper.  *sigh*

Also, shady121 made me this wonderful icon, and heinous LJ won't let me use it, citing that it's too big in .gif format!  I tried to resize it on photobucket and was denied.  Can anyone help?

Awesome, huh?


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