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Big Apple Blog - part one

I'm back!  New York was FABULOUS!
I got back Thursday night at 10 pm, and I had a great time. I’m absolutely exhausted, my feet are torn up beyond repair, I have a deep and passionate loathing for American Airlines, but the trip was much fun.
I can’t really think of a way to do this. Sequentially, as diary entries? By picture? How about randomly? That’s me all over. Oooh, I know. Things I LOOOOVE about NYC.
I love….
Yeah, the coffee place.  We spent quite a bit of time in there. It’s not like they’re hard to find, either. You can’t walk a quarter of a mile in Manhattan without seeing one. I avoid it like the plague at home, because I like to support local businesses, but you really just can’t beat the lure of that round green sign with that lady beckoning you in as if to say, “That Frappiccino won’t make you fat. All calories consumed on vacation are free.” Plus, restrooms and air conditioning. Enough said.

H&M. This is my new favourite store. How have I never been in here before? I got three skirts and another black cardigan (So what if I already have four?) for $50. Felt like Bridget Jones. Hurrah!
5th avenue. Mom said the air was more expensive there. Like we should have to pay for the privilege to breathe on that particular street.
Italian food. Had a penne with basil pesto sauce that I’ll be trying to recreate for years to come. Lovely older Italian waiters. Could sit there and let them be charming all day.

Street Fairs.  There was one on 6th Avenue that encompassed several blocks.  Fun, food, atmosphere, wares of all shapes and sizes.
Deli food. Yay soup and salad. Yay a la carte. Yay for running into whatever place is close and having it be good.
Hairspray. We saw the movie while we were there. I wanted to dance and date a black guy all the way back to the hotel room. You know, every time I’ve seen a movie in NYC (always around Times Square) there’s been applause when it’s over. That doesn’t happen at home. Well, it did for OoTP. But I digress.

Dragging Mom all over Central Park. Seeing Strawberry fields. The Dakota Building, where John Lennon was shot. The Mall, the Literary Walk. Sheep Meadow. Love the park. Love.
Curtains. It’s a wonderfully good time for “show people.” There were lots of theatre jokes, directing jokes, even *gasp* critic jokes. The conductor was even part of the show, more than just leading the orchestra. He had lines. Even the spot op was brought in. It was fun. My favourite line? “You? You couldn’t arouse anything but suspicion!

Macy’s shoe department. When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes sprinkled here. I got a $110 pair of shoes for $38.

Battery Park. I hadn’t been there since before 9/11, and it was used as a dumping ground for debris from the cleanup of the world trade center. Like so many other parts of downtown, it looks a lot different.  The statue was previously in the coutyard of the World Trade center plaza.I got distracted by a seagull when having my picture taken, and the girl in the green is sis.  The little tiny green smudge in the background is lady liberty.

FAO Schwartz. Good times! They had a whole Harry Potter section.  See the little Draco dueling Harry in the case (L)?
A Chorus Line. Those actors moved more in the first 10 minutes than I do generally all week. It was a really good show. It had just closed when I was in NYC for the first time, so I’m really glad I got to see the show on Broadway.
 New Yorkers. We were lost in Central park, and a jogger, who never broke his stride, gave us directions – unsolicited. You just gotta love ‘em.
 Being someone you’re not. We ate a restaurant where our waiter’s name was Mateo. When I asked him if that was his actual name, he looked sheepish and said, “No, it’s Matthew.”
Things I didn’t love so much…
The subway was down for most of Wednesday. Walking sucks. The blisters on my feet have blisters.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is closed on Monday. Who knew. I would have really liked to see the Greek exhibit.
Getting through Times Square. Bunch of freaking tourists in the way.  ;)
Every child on the island of Manhattan was at the Museum of Natural History. We chose not to stay. The decibel level was approaching ear damage.

To be continued....
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