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Nightstand Reading List

From the bottom up:

Christmas with Southern Living 2007:  Gives complete decorating, entertaining and lots of menu ideas & recipes for Christmas parties and family gatherings.  I have these back to 2003.

Lighting Product Catalogue:  I'm trying to pick out fans and chandeliers and the like.  I'm horrid at making decisions. See #4 below.

Southern Living Magazine, July & August:  There's some stuff I still haven't read.  There's always something else to do besides read a magazine.

Apparel & Accessories 2007:  Again, trying to make a decision.   This time it's t-shirts for my husband's company.

The Joy of Cooking:  This is the 6th time I've checked this out at the library.  I think I'd better buy it.  Or ask for it for Christmas.

Irish Crystal by Andrew M. Greeley:  This is one of a series of books that I rather like.  It's self-indulgent reading...  brain candy. You really don't have to think too hard.  These books chronicle the character of Nuala Anne McGrail.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Luis Zafon:  Love magic, murder and madness.  This is a translation, and it really is beautifully written, but it demands your full attention.  I've started it three times, and I haven't given up on it yet.  I'm trying, Jennifer!

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident:  I read the first one last week and I liked it.  Artemis reminds me of Draco with less morals.  If that's even possible.  Artemis is a twelve year-old millionaire genuis evil mastermind, who enjoys messing around with the world of faires, gnomes and dwarves.  I like these, and I think the boys will, too, once they're a bit older.

French Guaranteed:  Alright, this isn't a book, it's a 4 set of CD's to help me learn French.  I'm slogging through.  It's hard to teach yourself to learn new things.

So what's on your nightstand reading list?  Feel free to consider your self tagged, if you like.

Crap news:  So I didn't get a role in Into the Woods.  I'm okay with it.  The good thing about acting is that there is ALWAYS another audition. The next one is in September for a TBA show at the Adventure Space.  So that's good.  When God closes a door, He opens a window.  (Trite, but true.)  Anyhow, I won't be crazy busy at the beginning of school, so I can devote more time to the boys, both of whom want to play sports (!?).  

Great News:  1.  Nolan is in Atlanta this week, so I've been able to read all I want.  
2.  I finished the August Podcast and it will be up whenever lyndsiefenele has a free moment, I'm sure.  
3.  Nolan ran into the talent agent that he used to be with on the plane (to Atlanta) and she said that she was     interested in representing me.  (BIG yay.) 
4.  I went by the site for our new house (We're building a new house!) and they were moving dirt to get ready to pour the concrete foundation!  (ENORMOUS yay!)
5.  I spent $300 at Wal-Mart today, but got both boys school supplies, new underwear, socks and tshirts, some jeans & shirts, and groceries for the week.  (This is filed under great news because this means I won't have to go back there anytime soon.  I deplore Wal-Mart.  I get cranky in the parking lot.)
6.  I leave in 5 days for NYC!  I'm going with my mother and sister for a week.  I'm so excited I can't see straight!

So.  Life really is fabulous.  There's just a little hiccup every now and again.  :)

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