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Like a Bunny!

Twenty-four hours and $162 later, my computer is back and better than ever. (You didn't even have time to miss me, did you?)  It's so FAST!    My personal settings are gone, like the Gmail notifier and the Google taskbar, but I'll live.  I have a new firewall, and 'Spybot - Search and Destroy', which makes me feel all powerful.  I had several viruses and massive amounts of spyware.  Where does all that crap come from?

I did get called back for last night, but I'm not holding my breath.  Twenty plus additional people were there, and I did NOT sing as well as they did.  But, I'm not a singer.  Never claimed to be... and I'm okay with that.  I did sweep the cold readings, if I do say so myself, but they were looking for solid vocal talent, and that ain't me.  I may costume the show instead and get paid lots, LOTS more.  :)  Thanks for all the good thoughts and support, sweet f-list.  I really do appreciate it!
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