Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

A husband-ish review. He's a man of few words.

 My husband finished DH.  (It's spoiler-y)

(in a disbelieving voice) "Fred died?  I think that's a load of shit."

(When Remus and Tonks' fate was revealed, I'm assuming) " What the hell is she doing? Killing EVERYONE off?"

"Scorpious?   Pffft."

And he doesn't swear, normally.  I think he even called JKR a couple of names under his breath, too.  He wouldn't admit to it, though.  But he won't discuss it further.  Boys.  And he said the epilogue was fine.  Fine?  Riiiight.

Auditions?  45 people were there just last night for 20 roles.  I cracked the high note.  Go me.  =P  I did wear a dress that showed a LOT of cleavage, though.  My thought was, "Yeah, I can't sing, but I DO have these." :)  Call backs and a whole other night of auditions are tonight, so I'm really not holding my breath.  More people generally come the 2nd night of auditions.  *tries to take it all in stride*

And I'm in a sort of panic.  My computer's been all weird for about a month, now, and I called the guy to come and fix it, and they're TAKING IT.  AHHHHH!  I shouldn't panic, but EVERYTHING is on here.  Everything.  He said he'd have it back to me by tomorrow, but you know how that goes.  He did say he's have it back to me for sure by the 3rd.  So no one expect the FIA podcast before then.  Sorry!

Love to you all while I'm without technology!
Tags: auditions, computers, dh, hp

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