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So. I read THE BOOK.

I'm not going to put any spoilers in, not for my f-list, who I'm sure have all finished, but for Mom & Em, who I'm sure havent.  Except for the icon.  *points to icon*  That's the part I'm the most royally upset about, actually.  Funny ol' world, innit?

Hubby actually drove me to Taos, NM (because there isn't a bookstore one in Red River, NM) Saturday morning, and I bought it for FULL PRICE (guh) at a store called Moby Dickens, which may be the best part of the whole experience.  I read the book out loud to the family the whole way home, with voices and everything (I'm rather fond of my Lord Voldemort  voice.  Ralph Fiennes has nothing on me.  =P).  That put us up to chapter seven.  

Then I said, "You people have to leave me alone so I can finish this."  

And I did.  Last night, in the bathtub, crying like a baby.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  I was crying, angry, crying, indignant, crying, joyful, crying, pissed off as all hell.  I gasped, shrieked, yelled at the book, put it down, picked it back up, and finally finished it, crying.  Hubs came in wordlessly and brought me a cup of my favorite tea.  He glanced at the book that had been tossed against the bathroom wall. Then he looked at me, just set down the tea and backed away.

I really could've done without the tacked on epilogue, JKR.  REALLY.

Red River was alright.  Got sick halfway through the last day I was there, but I took some pretty pictures.

Some gorge I forget the name of.  Rio Grande, perhaps?

The town of Red River (That has no freaking bookstore)

The rest of the pics are on my non-digital Nikon...  Probably much better ones.  

Don't forget to vote for my story on the dgficexchange.  I can't tell you which one was mine, but I'm all proud that I was nominated so many times.  *preens*

I have a vocal audition in a week.  Am a little sick.  Should not get hopes up.
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