Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Now show me yours.

Here's my desk.  All the magic happens here!  Recording podcasts, reading fic, generally wasting time.... Things of note:  The Wizard of Oz calendar, the well-thumbed thesaurus, and, instead of an inbox, I have a cookbook holder that keeps all of the stuff I'm typing where I can see it.  Lots of other stuff gets jammed in there, as well.  Looky looky what's on the screen!

xposted to desk_pics.

EDIT:  OH.  MY. WORD.  Have just realized that MIL's family reunion is this weekend an I will not be able to get DH til SUNDAY, as will be in Red River, NM.  Does Red River have a bookstore?  Does anyone know?  THIS IS A CRISIS!
Tags: pictures

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