Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Monday Musings

**** I took the kids to the pool today and always feel a little pervy about appreciating the sheer aesthetic beauty of the twenty-something lifeguards.  The men, anyway (the girls are lovely  too, I'm sure).  Tan skin, sunbleached hair, and the muscle definition of men who have the luxury of time to work out every day.  They may not be doing it for me, but I appreciate it anyway.  

**** I finished the book, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (who also wrote chidrens plays, the most popular being 101 Dalmations).  The book is set up to read like a 17 year-old girl's journal entries...  I suppose what I can relate it to best would be something like Pride and Prejudice, set in the 1930's.  It was very, very good.  I'm going to read it again, probably.  And I'm sorry for mocking it a couple of entries back.  It deserves no mocking at all.

**** The sheer selfishness and self-involvement of people never fail to astound me.  Some people move blithely through life, never aware at all of the people around them, of situations unfolding right next to them.  It takes quite a bit of self-control on my part  to not march right up to them, give them a sound slap and shake them into social consiousness.  Be aware of people around you.  Be cognizant of the fact that others exist, and that perhaps you should think about how others feel before acting.  Or speaking.  Open your eyes.  Stop 'navel-gazing' as my mother always put it.  She's wise.  I really should've written down some of the things she said to me while I was growing up.  Now I've forgotten most of them.

**** I continue to get lovely reviews for my story in the dgficexchange.  That certainly makes me smile.  I can't wait til the big reveal; I'm almost positive I know who wrote what this year.  That either means I read WAY too much fan fiction or that....  yeah, I read too much fan fiction.  Ah, well.  There are worse things.  

**** Italian Rosemary & Herb Lays potato chips are the finest snack food on the planet.  *nods*


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