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Cute Kid Story

So the boys were supposed to be out of town til tomorrow afternoon, but the in-laws brought them back early. *grumble*   We decided to go to the movies, which, incidentally, is rather expensive!  For a family of four plus popcorn, drinks, and candy, it was $49.  Yikes.

Anyway, we took Aaron & Ethan to The Order of the Phoenix, and during the denoument, when Harry & Co. are walking toward the train and Draco's looking all hot in the background with his black suit on, Harry says, "We have something that Voldemort doesn't have."

Ethan says,  "Friendship and love."  (Awww.)

Aaron says,  "And a nose."

I died laughing.  'Cause it's true, y'all.  The Dark Lord's got no nose.

Tags: cute kid story, hp, ootp

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