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Actress Sniping

I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral (which, incedentally, I like very much) this weekend.  Andie MacDowell plays 'Carrie' in the movie.  The fact that her character shares my name disgusts me on a level that I cannot fully express.  I feel I can say with some authority that Andie MacDowell, as an actress, sucks.  I don't mind her on L'Oreal commercials, or Revlon, or whatever she's selling these days.  She's from Texas, too, you know.  Someone please tell me that I don't sound like her.  Tell me I've at least made an attempt to lose my accent.  Also, she's wooden.  She has no vocal interpretation ability.  Yes, of course she's lovely.  She's enviably thin, but she has no facial expressions!  Okay, so her hair is great, too.  But my teeth are better than hers.  (Thanks, for shelling out the bucks for the orthodontia, Mom.)

Aaaand I don't really care what or who Hugh Grant has done, or had done to him in some ghetto; he's adorable.  Even more so when he was young.

Worst quote of the movie:  (Without expression or interpretation AT ALL)  Is it still raining?  I hadn't noticed.  

Imagine that said with out the question mark or any emotion at all.  I screamed at the television.

Random thought:  A blonde Kristin Scott Thomas for Narcissa in HBP, anyone?

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