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02 September 2006 @ 10:05 am
I love date night  
Last night was lovely.  Jenn was supposed to go with us, but couldn't meet us for dinner because of Lillian being sick.  So we got to have dinner by ourselves.  I had almost a whole bottle of Jacob's Creek by myself.  My head hurts a little this morning, but it was worth it.  Jenn met us at the concert, and it was very entertaining.  He's a funny guy, very dry sense of humor, and really clever song lyrics.  I only knew two of the songs he played, but Nolanand Jenn knew a lot of them.  It didn't really matter, anyway, it was a great show.  We came back here for coffee afterwards.

The performing Arts Center, however, was a huge disappointment.  I hate it.  It SOUNDS good, acoustically, and that's good, but the construction and decor are CRAP.  It's supposed to mimic the spanish skirts in the Palo Duro Canyon, which aren't all that pretty.  And it's orange.  Burnt orange.  And a lot of the elements are very utilitarian.  I thought for 26 million dollars we'd get something that looked like one of the pretty historic theatres in New York.  Alas, no.  we get exposed raw concrete and visible conduit.  Nolan did't like it, either, but I get the feeling that it's more to do with the taxpayer responsibility to upkeep and so forth.  

I need to get memorized for act 1 today.  Brush it up, anyhow.  We have a rehearsal tomorrow at five.  Right now, Nolan and I need to go get the kids...  they spent the night with Jerry and Lanell last night and I'm sure they're done by now.  Church tonight...   that'll be fun.  We haven't been in awhile.  

It's a beautiful rainy Saturday here...  I love the rain.
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