Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

"How about a hot cup of shut the crap up?"

Netflix feeds my addiction.

I've spent the last week, off and on, watching the first season of the TV show, Dead Like Me.  Can I just say that it's brilliant?  It's dark, and sometimes sad, but fantastically witty.  Mandy Patinkin (Who I've loved waaaaaay back since The Princess Bride) is a comic delivery genius.  My new catch phrase is, "What fresh hell is this?"  Jasmine Guy is caustic, real and hysterical (The title quote - abridged -  is from her character), and I've a bit of a crush on the British boy, Callum Blue.  (Go figure, right?)  Ellen Muth, the lead character, is in the same camp with James Franco.  I kind of feel better when they don't smile.  It's unnerving.  Cynthia Stevenson is sooooo good.  It's nice to see the middle aged actresses getting some work.  *cough*  Anyhow, I love this show and highly recommend it.  Although, I've become a bit leery of little yellow post-its.  I saw one in the driveway the other day and freaked out a little.  Heh.

I also tried to get hubby into the BBC series, Coupling, but he's not really interested.  Ah, well, you can't win 'em all.

People have been so sweet about the podcasts I've recorded.  I love doing it and really will start on those long and completed stories soon.

Hey, rainpuddle13, check out my cool watch!

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