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A Pox On You and Your House.

Did you know there's a Chicken Pox vaccine now?  Is the Chicken Pox even in other countries?  They're pretty horrible (itchy, scarring, and you can even DIE from them) and now (as of 5 years ago) there's apparently a vaccine that's supposed to prevent them.  A pretty crappy vaccine, evidently, as there were several documented cases last winter and my seven year-old had to have a chicken pox vaccine booster shot that he was none too happy about.  The five year-old had FOUR shots (I missed his four year well-child visit.  Curiously, no one brought that up one of the half dozen times we were in the office last winter for various reasons.) so there was no shortage of drama for me yesterday afternoon.

My husband, after nine years, has decided to start calling me by my given name.  It's creeping me out.  He always calls me by endearments:  baby, sweetie, honey, my beautiful bride, etc.  But in the nine years we've been married, he's only called me by my first name when he's been angry with me.  I laughingly pointed that out to him the other day, so he's decided to fix it.  With immersion therapy.  Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie.  (I came before the book or the movie, thankyouverymuch.)  It's driving me nuts.  I literally flinch every time my name comes out of his mouth.  Weird, huh?

With the help of Cinnamon Badge (Ooh.  I forget her LJ name.  Something to do with 60's music, no doubt) I've finished the July podcast.  There are FIVE fics, and they are all happy ones.  Total bliss to record.  It might be the first time I didn't cry while doing a podcast.  It'll be available July 1st  here.  Or you can check out any of the other audio fics I've recorded there.

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