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Shows, shows, and more shows!

Hubs and I went to a special event at the theatre last night.  Brian Stokes Mitchell was there doing his thing, and the man puts on quite the show.  Hubby and I didn't shell out the $1000.00 dollars to see him, but we worked the event, and got to be glamourous by default.  We tore tickets, served champagne, and got to go to the after-party where there was an open bar , a western swing band (the average age of those guys was 70 - they were cute), and lots and lots of food.  It was very fun, even if I did have to two-step to Bob Wills. =P

I also got very fun news...  I am going with two friends to see Bernadette Peters in Santa Fe, NM over the Labor Day weekend.  If that weren't fun in and of itself, Bernadette and Brian Stokes Mitchell have the same road manager, and yesterday when he found out we were going to see her, he set us up with backstage passes. BACKSTAGE PASSES! Oh.  MY.  WORD.  I will be standing with Bernadette Peters and getting a picture with her, don't doubt it for a minute.  I'm sure I damaged Jeff's eardrum when he told me, what with all the girly screaming.

That's it.  Try not to be so jealous...  *squeals*  BERNADETTE PETERS!

*happy sigh*
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