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Work Rant/Cute Kid Story

I had a meeting yesterday with the new Education Director of the Theatre.  (It sounds so official, but it's someone that's been a good friend for YEARS - he's gonna be GREAT, although it is kind of strange that someone who is like a son to me will now be my boss.  Gah, I'm old!)  I very clearly stated what I wanted to teach, and gave suggestions for how things could be improved, but I have the sneaking suspicion that it won't matter, and the classes I want to teach more than any of the others will go to someone who knows jack sh with less formal training and experience than I have.  

Never mind that I was unceremoniously stripped of classes I had taught for 3 years at the beginning of last year.  

For no good reason.  Twice.  *grumbles*  

That's a long story that I don't really want to rehash right now.  Anyway, I should know by Monday what it'll be.  Playwrighting & Playwrighting Production, certainly, but two more that are yet-to-be-named.  More money, more time, more teenagers to love!  And I really do love it.  It's certainly not the pay.  ;)

So we're at the pool yesterday (my life is so tough) and we see a lady (We'll call her Amy) there that we haven't seen in probably 6 months.  Aaron comes up to say hello to her son, who is 10 months younger than he is.  They are standing next to each other, and Aaron is a good 8 inches taller than this kid.  

Amy.  Aaron!  You must've grown a foot since I saw you last!

Aaron.  *looks at woman like she's nuts*

Me. (trying to teach son manners)  Aaron, she asked you a question.

Aaron.  *looks at me, picks up his left foot, looks at it, looks back at Amy*  No.  I just have two, still.

I waiting for the inevitable question to come:  "Mommy?  When do I get to grow another foot?"

Tags: cute kid story, i'm old, theatre

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