Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Good Things... and the Reunion

So fandom is going well, the ficexchange story has been through beta #1 and survived, and I finished recording the FIA June Podcast (angst fest of [DOOM]) and was even able to convert it to an mp3, with the help of mynuet.  Yay for people that undertand computers.  *thumps harddrive*  I'm listening to it now, to make sure it doesn't stink.

It's the last week of school, which means a lot of random strange stuff is going on, awards assemblies, last day parties, and the play my class wrote last year, Ambrosia, Peanut Butter, Kool-Aid and Enchiladas, a Story of the Teenaged Gods of Ancient Greece, is being performed tomorrow night, so YAY.  LOVE seeing my work onstage.  Love it.

Last day of Playwrighting is tonight, and as we are finished with both plays, we're meeting at a coffee shop and discussing next years prospects.  Good times.

My eldest turns 7 on Friday.  Gah.  Am old.  (But I was a child bride.)

We are *da da dummmm* going to my husband's family's reunion on Thursday evening; where the women are snarky, there's more meat than you can shake a stick at, and croquet is a bloodsport.  The boys and I will be at the pool, if anyone calls.  My sweet friend Jason is house sitting for us and feeding Katie Bell, who hurt her foot yesterday chasing behind the boys' go-kart.  The dog does NOT know when to say when.


Tags: birthdays, fan fiction, i'm old!, katie, plays, playwrighting

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