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Cute Kid Story

Here's the transcript from the car after we dropped Ethan off for school.

(At rise:  Dreary, cloudy morning; a few small raindrops hit the windsheild of the car.)

Aaron.  Hey, Mom?

Me.  Yeah?

Aaron.  Is the rain God's spit?

Me.  (tries not to laugh) Erm, no, actually, I'm pretty sure that God lets the rain clouds fill up with water, and then when they get too heavy, the rain comes down out of them.

Aaron.  (ponders a bit)  No, I'm pretty sure it's the spit.


Fine.  I gave a quasi-scientific answer, and he chooses to think his own thing, which I sincerely hope is not true.  Maybe he'll beleive Ethan when he gets home from school, or perhaps he'll have to wait til he reads the part about the water cycle in the Lemony Snicket books.  I tried.

Have I ever told you that Aaron (5) always opens doors for me?  The car door, the front door, doors to stores;  he's very chivalrous, and likes to take care of me.  It almost makes up for me catching him mushing clay into the antique rug in the living room. (But it makes a cool pattern, see?)  Almost. 

We're going to the drive -in to see Spider-Man 3 tonight!  Yay!
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