Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Weekend in Review / Movie Review Monday

So.  I had a great weekend.  We took sweet friends of ours down to the cabin this weekend, and very much enjoyed the company, but they left on Saturday afternoon, and we had the rest of the weekend by ourselves.  The boys decided that the pond was warm enough to go swimming in, and stripped down to their altogether, but I won't post those nearly pornographic pictures here.  :)

May's podcast is up at D &  It's a monster at an hour and a half.  I'm kind of disappointed in it, I lost the first one I recorded and had to redo over half of it, so I was pissy and tired the second time through.  June's will be better.  Angsty and sad, but better, no doubt.

I'm a little panicked about the exchange.  Just a little.

I saw Bringing Up Baby this weekend.  I'm a huge Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant fan (The Philadelphia Story = LOVE) but I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I didn't love this.  I watched it, and I laughed in places, but I don't need to own it.  I DO like it when Cary Grant's hair gets all messed up.  Wow.  And (big surprise) hubby fell asleep, so there's his review.  Not enough car chases and shooting, I guess.

Aaron got tired during the nature walk.                                         My ragamuffins.

Katie the amazing water wonder dog.  She swam and played fetch as many times as we threw the stick for her.

Hey, raise your hand (Emily Kaye) if you thought you'd never see me in a cowboy hat.  (Ahem.  Western hat, right.  Thanks, Nolan.)

Have a great week!
Tags: fan fiction, movie review monday, pictures, podcast

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