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Comment and I will give you 3 interest from your list and three icons to explain.  You must then post... yada yada...

The super sweet jandjsalmonasked me about this stuff:

tea cups, handkercheifs, fabric

and Icons:

Tea cups - I collect tea cups and saucers, but I rarely drink out of any of them.  They just don't hold enough tea, or keep it hot long enough!  They do look very pretty in the china cabinet.

Handkerchiefs - I also collect antique handkerchiefs, but I do use them.  I buy pretty embroidered ones at antique stores to use and to give as gifts.  I bought five this past Saturday.  It's rather a sickness.

Fabric - I LOVE fabric.  I sew, am a costumer, and have quilted, but that isn't the reason.  I just love the way the patterns look and how it feels and the dream that one day maybe I'll do something with it all.  I have vague ideas.  One was to make pretty patchwork book bags or satchels.  Anyone want one of those?  My fabric lust comes directly from my mother.  I totally blame her.  :)

Icon 1:  The Richard Dreyfuss one?  It's a line from a Tom Stoppard play called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.  It chronicles the misadventures of the characters with the least number of lines in Shakespeare's Hamlet.  And it's pretty stinking funny.

Icon 2:  'Valley Girl Voldemort' one?  One of my students left it as a comment on my myspace and it made me laugh, so I snagged it to use over here.

Icon 3:  "Should I call a cab?"  Combines two of my loves; The Wizard of OZ and Scrubs.  Dr. Cox (All kinds of love) says it one of the first times we meet Jordan.
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