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Why Persephone?


Some of you know I taught playwrighting for the first time last year.  Some high school sudents and I did a whole lot of research about greek mythology and wrote a 40 minute play about the Greek Gods (should they have been in high school. )  It is called Ambrosia, Peanut Butter, Kool-Aid and Enchiladas.

It's a black comedy.

Anyway, our main character was named Persephone, and her best friend was Hades, and I got a little attatched to her.  When I started getting into online rooms that needed a penname, and it seemed as good as any, and not as common as Carrie, or even Carrieleigh, both of which I tried first.

No, Mom. I don't think I'm the queen of the underworld.

On a lighter note, I saw a play tonight, 'Bright Ideas', about these parents that get their kids into this ideal preschool.  Funny, funny stuff,  Another black comedy, oddly enough.  If it comes to a regional theatre near you, I highly reccommend it.  It kind of pokes fun at all those people who get their kids involved in every single thing and program available instead of just letting them be kids.  I actually made the reservation for yesterday, and made a mistake and showed up tonight. Luckily, I work for the theatre and they added a seat for me.  Anyway, I sat in my newly added seat next to this fairly innocuous looking middle aged man.  His date said, "Oh, good for you, your dream just sat down next to you,"  pretty loud.  Loud enough for me to hear it.  The man proceeds to say that I better keep him in line, and that he's a trouble maker, and blah, blah, blah.  I made some joke about  management sitting me there as a hall monitor to make sure no one has to be separated.  He continues to rather ignore this date a flirt with me.  Uncomfortable.  For me, for the date.  The guy, as per usual, knew nothing.

I missed Nolan.  No one flirts  with me when I've got the 6'3", 205 lb, blond, blue-eyed eye candy on my arm.  Well, the waiter did when we went out to dinner on our anniversary, but that was just funny.  He was all of 22, maybe.  I wonder if Nolan tipped him well?

On a completely different subject, I've started using the best fabric softener ever.   Downy Simple Pleasures lavender and vanilla scent.  It's purple,  and it's worth the money.

I think that about covers it!  I don't think I'm a goddess, I wrote a silly play, saw a funny show, got flirted with by a paunchy, balding weirdo, missed my husband, and reccommended a fabric softener.  Whew.  That's a big day.


Persephone (Carrie Leigh)


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