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MP3 Meme

MP3 Tarot Meme: stolen most recently from embe11ished.  Let's see what the mystical ipod will predict for tomorrow, shall we?

We can work it Out – The Beatles  

Evidently will try to make up with hubby after enormous ugly fight we had yesterday.

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude – Jimmy Buffett

I will then travel to somewhere with a beach and fun fruity drinks to get in a better mood.

Bye, Bye Blackbird – Joe Cocker

I decide hubby isn’t worth it, and leave

Der Guten Tag Hop Clop – The Producers Soundtrack

Will then dance Hitler’s favourite number, and find out that his middle name was Elizabeth.

Linus and Sabrina Date – Sabrina Soundtrack

Will be tired from the dancing and resort to voyeurism

If I only had a heart – Wizard of Oz Soundtrack

Suspicions confirmed, I don’t have one.  My theme song from college (Cold as Ice, by Foreigner) firmly back in place.

The Ballad of John and Yoko

 Things go from bad to worse on my world tour.

Drugs Mean War – Jackopierce

I make a detour and march at a political rally.

More Today than Yesterday – Spiral Staircase

I then decide that the drugs aren’t all that bad after I try some.

Human Touch – Rick Springfield

I get all handsy after all the drugs.

Piano Man – Billy Joel

I decide to forego the acting and writing bit and become a piano bar artist.  I only know the theme to the Pink Panther, so it’s a short stint.

Wild Child – Enya

I come down after my drug and alcohol filled afternoon.

Best of My Love – The Eagles

I get tired and go to bed, reflecting on the crappy day I’ve had, and realize I may have overreacted.  A bit.

The Rhythm is Gonna Get You – Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine

I decide I’m not tired and go dancing in South Beach.

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning – Carly Simon

Guilt becomes too much, so I give up my druggie, alcoholic, political protest, tap-dancing, piano playing ways and go home.

I better get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow's gonna be tough.
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