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Post Mortem - The Lonesome West

Another chapter closes.  For all of the whining I did about this play, there were some good things that came of it:  4 friendships were strengthened (although 1 person to whom I had thought I was close got very weird with me - alas  - what're ya gonna do).  The director and I bonded in a way that only combat veterans can understand...  being constantly under fire with everything out of your control... Cara turned out to be a great friend, even if we aren't just alike, we compliment each other, I think.  Jeff, who's directed me countless times before, was someone I got to know on a whole different level as an actor.  He has a sweet vulnerability as an actor that never comes out as a director, and we got much closer as a result.  Malina (a former student) is all grown up and has turned into a very sweet young lady, and David is a big cuddly teddy bear.  I liked most of the crew, as well.  Overall, it was a good experience, and one that I won't look back on with disgust.  But I won't ever AD again, you can bet your sweet patootie on that.

Favorite line from the show?

"Even if you're scared or lonely, you're still better off than those ones in the ground beacuse at least you have the chance to be happy."

A little depressing, huh?  Definitely glass half empty kind of an outlook.  I'll miss the people, but I won't miss the literature, that's for sure.  Sometimes you feel sad when shows are over, because you know that little microcosm of people and words won't ever be re-created.  I don't feel sad. I feel tired.  I'm ready for a rest, my family is ready to have me home for a bit, and we're all ready for summer.  (Can I get an amen?) That said, I did take another job as Props Mistress (I prefer Props Goddess, but we can negotiate the details before the program is printed) for the last show of the season, Oklahoma.  (Or Gaglahoma, if you prefer.)  All of that can be done during the day, so my nights will still be free.  Any one know where I can get 10 lunch hampers,  and old-fashioned egg beater, a butter churn, and a saddle?  No?  Fine.

In other news, I won rainpuddle13's contest over at ginnylovesdraco.  I'm floored and humbled and thrilled and every other like emotion you could possibly have. (The other stories were very well done--I probably wouldn't have voted for me, although I'm glad others did!)  Writing narrative is out of my comfort zone (though dialogue is NOT) and to know that something that I agonized over (I did, it annoyed everyone in my house) got recognition renews my inspiration to continue all the little (and enormous) projects that I've started over the last year.  So thanks, Rainpuddle.  I had a great time, really.  I was giddy all the way through the writing process and enjoyed myself from start to finish.  Reading all of the other entries was fun, as well!  

I stole this from jandjsalmon:

Google your first name, and then 'is' or 'likes to', and post the first 10 things that amuse you!

1.  Carrie is lost in thought.
2.  Carrie likes to give me rocks.
3.  Carrie likes cupcakes.
4.  Carrie likes him.
5.  Carrie spreads peanut butter on both pieces of the bread which gives you double the peanut butter taste.  (?!)
6.  Carrie likes thai noodles. (yeah, she does!)
7.  Carrie likes Anthony more.
8.  Carrie likes to play guitar and sing songs, so she does.
9.  Carrie is the real deal.
10.  Carrie likes to snack in the nude. (Honestly, I've never tried it, but I may...  someday.)

Playwrighting class tonight!  Everyone have a fantastic week!
Tags: fan fiction, friends, meme, theatre

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