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The Weekend

My wonderful, sweet, handsome, adorable husband is leaving this afternoon with our two precious sons to go to our cabin.  Before you go getting jealous, the cabin is two hours away, in Childress, Texas, which is the birthplace of... well, nothing.  There's nothing there.  There's some antique stores, a Wal-Mart, and a mediocre Mexican food restaurant.  Anyway, the cabin (very nice, though) is on about 600 acres that we lease to a rancher, so there's cows.  The boys enjoy themselves; they go play outside and get dirty, and Nolan can hunt, when things are in season, pheasants, turkeys, deer, etc.  The outdoors is not really my bag, so when I go I mostly watch cable (something we don't have at home) cook, and sleep.  This weekend, they are planting trees, but I am tied up here in town with the show, So I can't go.  


HA!  Not really!  I'm so excited about the prospect of being alone all weekend I can't SEE straight.  I think I'll go shopping, read, play on the computer, AND I went and got the next two discs of Firefly, so I'm going to rot my brain with that for sure.  I may even have the cast & crew over after the show tonight or tomorrow.  *thinks*  Must go get liquid refreshment if I do that.

1.  I have uploaded 105 userpics.  I'd have more if I had a bigger account.  However, as I'll probably never use all the ones I have, I'll stop, I guess.
2.  Bernadette Peters is supossed to be in Santa Fe over Labor Day...  really want to go to that.
3.  How wonderful is Olay Body wash with body butter ribbons? Pretty great, I say.
4.  It's cold and rainy in April.  I'm ready for warm weather!
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