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Mugglechump Meme

1.Who was your best friend?
Colby, my boyfriend.

2. What sports did you play?
Please.  I had quit torturing others with my inability by that time.

3. What kind of car did you drive?
A 1986 Chevy Cavalier.  I drove it til the wheels fell off.  Literally.

4. It's Friday night, where were you?
At a football game, at halftime, I was on the field high-kicking.  Embarrassing, but true.

5. Were you a party animal?
No.  Not even close.

6. Were you considered a flirt?

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?

8. Were you a nerd?
I was a theatre kid, and on the dance team.  Draw your own conclusions.  Basically, I was too cool to care if I was a nerd or not.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?

10.Can you sing the fight song?
Sure thing.  I can probably still do the dance that accompanied it.  But I won't.

11. Who were your favorite teachers?
Ms. Montague - Theatre (really!) Mrs. Battles - English

12. What was your school's full name?
Chester W. Nimitz High School

13. School mascot?

14. Did you go to Senior Prom?
Yup.  I looked hot.  Mom made my dress.  Blue changeable taffeta. 

15.If you could go back and do it over, would you?
Oh, hell, no.

16. What do you remember most about graduation?
It was at Texas Stadium (Where the Dallas Cowboys used to play, and it rained so my hair got wet.  You all know about my hair vanity.

17. What was your favorite class?
English, or Drill team

18. Where were you on senior skip day?
In class.  I had a project due that day.  Nerd.

19. Did you have a job your senior year?
I worked at Six Flags Over Texas at the Flashback!

20.Where did you go most often for lunch?
The school cafeteria.  It wasn't open campus.

21. Have you gained weight since then?
Gained and lost, gained and lost...  I'm probably 12 lbs. away from being what I weighed in HS.

22. What did you do after graduation?
I went to lunch with friends.

23. When did you graduate?

24. Who was your Senior prom date?
Colby Adamson.  He is now an FBI agent.

25. Are you going to your ten-year reunion?
I went, but it was soooooooooooooooooo lame.

26.Who was your homeroom teacher?
I have no idea.  I don't know that I had a homeroom teacher.
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